About Us

Crazy Fun Games is a small game design group founded in 2010.  Two of us have been kicking ideas around for years, and our third member had such faith in our Culture Pop concept, she joined us and made the dream a reality.  Crazy Fun Games:  Games by game lovers, for game lovers.

Dawn Bayard Dave


David Fox


Dawn Bennett
Bayard Catron

David Fox is co-creator of Culture Pop and co-founder of Crazy Fun Games (CFG).  He is a long-time game player, part-time game developer, and full-time teacher.  In order to "get it all in," he has lobbied Congress to establish an additional half day every weekend, Sunterday.  Although his efforts have been unsuccessful thus far, he still fights the good fight. 

Dawn Bennett is CFG's art director and graphic designer. She owns a collection of games that is impressive not only for its vastness, but for the quality of the games it contains. Her secret? She checks out the games Bayard gets, then buys the ones that are good.

Bayard Catron is the "Idea Man" at CFG, and is generally in charge of delegating work. The best idea he ever had was putting himself in charge of delegating all the work. Just kidding. Bayard can often be found jotting down ideas in his notebook or taking apart games to see what makes them tick - and watching game players to see what makes them tick.


See some of the funny responses that have popped up in recent Culture Pop games.


Questions? Write to us at culturepopgame@gmail.com.