CULTURE POP, the culture-spoofing game of crazy phrases and fill-in-the blank fun, has a new information sheet with even more info about the game! Download the Information Sheet here (PDF format, 2 MB).

Also, we have some new videos demonstrating the game in action! Check out the three fun clips below!

How it works:

Make your friends and family laugh by re-shaping phrases from our culture (advertisements, songs, movies, and more) in new and clever ways, according to a given style.  Be the first to identify the missing part of the phrase and win a point. Come up with the funniest way of completing the phrase in a new style and win a point. Read or perform a phrase the best and win a point. There are three fun ways to score, and countless opportunities to laugh yourself silly!

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys uproarious "jot down an answer" games - if you like Balderdash or Say Anything, you'll love Culture Pop!

Here's what players are saying....

"My sides are still sore from the last time I played this game! I think there should be a warning of some sort, like 'If you experience laughter for longer than 4 hours, seek immediate medical attention'."

"I love hearing the crazy, off-the-wall scenarios my friends come up with."

"Culture Pop is such an innovative and unusual game, and you never have the same results twice! It is that element of change that keeps the game fresh, unique, and one of my favorites."

"You can use conversations or events from earlier in the evening as material to help fill in the blanks."

"Players can easily join or take a break without affecting the flow of the game."

"Culture Pop makes it easy to be creative and to make your friends laugh. It takes those names and phrases we all know and love, and lets each person add their own unique perspective and sense of humor. It's easy to play, but different every time."

"I enjoy the anticipation of waiting to hear my response read aloud, and watching the reactions of my fellow players as we share in the laughter."

"I laughed so hard my stomach hurt, but I can't wait to play again!"

Tell me more - How do you play?


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